Transformational Meditation (TfM)

Discover What’s Been Preventing You from Achieving the Wealth, Peace of Mind, Spiritual Connection, Relationships and Health You Desire and Overcome It!

With TfM you’ll find the source of your negative self-talk and start eliminating it!

In your first two-hour private discovery session you’ll:

  • Gain clarity on how automatic limiting patterns get created and greatly influence your life
  • Find out why “I” is such a powerful word and LEARN how to use it for your greatest benefit
  • Identify a “part of you” that is currently holding you back and transform it!
  • Activate the different aspects of your mind as a united force for achievement
  • Discover why affirmations alone cannot change limiting beliefs. and experience how those beliefs CAN be changed
  • Learn how to let go of negativity from the past and make new choices in the present

Experience Alignment and Transformation

Transformational MeditationTM, our proprietary technology, is solution based meditation. TfM is a type of guided meditation where the student targets a specific problem area (e.g. a “character defect”) and the facilitator guides the student through the process of resolution during the meditation. Transformational MeditationTM opens a dialog between one’s Higher Power and one’s false self, utilizing “conscious contact” to transform the problem. We feel that it is the state of the art Spiritual Technology.

3 Hour Purpose Alignment $395 – 2 hour Alignment session plus 1 hour follow-up TfM session

TfM per session $149

We also design custom retreats tailored to address specific issues. Please select a time to chat with us about custom options: