Connect With Your Truth

Learn how your language can move you in a more powerful & successful direction. Our training teaches you how the mind processes information and how the use of Truespeak™ can realize your goals on many levels. Learn to identify your limiting internal and external language and how to replace it with Truespeak™


Break away from your routine and create new empowering directions for your daily living. Bring vibrant health and stress relief into your choices for positive action any time you choose at a Truespeak™️ restort-style retreat.

Mindful Focus Coaching

Learn our signature strategies to increase focus and stay on track by identifying what works in your life and letting go of what no longer serves you, including negative thinking, anger, depression and anxiety.

Transformational Meditation

Practice the art of solution based meditation that targets a specific problem area facilitates our signature process of resolution during the meditation by triggering a powerful inner dialog. 

Mindful 365

Mindful 365 is a commitment to stay on track by focusing on what works in your life and letting go of what’s not, including negative thinking, anger, depression and anxiety. Every 28-days/4 weeks has a focus (like wealth consciousness, love, health) that is broken down into specific weekly goals. Every week you will receive a new guided meditation to help you relax that supports the month’s focus. And, a coaching video clip explaining the upcoming weeks goal and how to plan best for its success.

28-Day Transformational Coaching

The 28-day Mastery of “self” Intensive Coaching is our premier course for empowering you to elevate yourself to the heights of achievement, success, and fulfillment of which you’ve dreamed. Design your life, establish your mission and set clear and measurable goals; then learn the tools and skills to claim your goals – within 28 days. Using your Higher Power as your guide, you’ll learn the skills necessary to consistently break through barriers that are holding you back in life. By establishing new, powerful beliefs and habits, you experience permanent changes necessary to create an extraordinary life.

Transformational Meditation (TfM)

Transformational MeditationTM, our proprietary technology, is solution based meditation. TfM is a type of guided meditation where the student targets a specific problem area (e.g. a “character defect”) and the facilitator guides the student through the process of resolution during the meditation. Transformational MeditationTM opens a dialog between one’s Higher Power and one’s false self, utilizing “conscious contact” to transform the problem. We feel that it is the state of the art Spiritual Technology.

Guided Meditations

Guided Meditation is a great place to begin if you have a busy mind and restless body. Guided meditation allows your conscious mind to be present while it takes your body on a “mindful experience” much like how you get caught up in a movie.

Custom Workshops

We offer custom workshops based on the needs of the individual or group. To find out more about these and to book a custom workshop, select a time to chat on the calendar below…

Custom Event Keynotes

If you would like to share Truespeak™️ practices and strategies at an upcoming event, book a call on the calendar below to chat about a customized keynote and topic options.

We’re here to help! Feel free to book a call to chat more about how our services can best support you.