Mindful 365

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have mastery over the voices in your head? Relieve stress in an instant? And, stay focused on what really matters in your life like love, health, happiness, and financial abundance? (for less than $1.50 a day)

Well it’s all possible with Mindful 365. Mindful 365 is a commitment to stay on track by focusing on what works in your life and letting go of what’s not, including negative thinking, anger, depression and anxiety.

Every 28-days/4 weeks has a focus (like wealth consciousness, love, health) that is broken down into specific weekly goals. Every week you will receive a new guided meditation to help you relax that supports the month’s focus. And, a coaching video clip explaining the upcoming weeks goal and how to plan best for its success.

With Mindful 365 you will also receive a focus/mantra for you to repeat as often as possible (or at least when the “hamsters” in your mind are trying to run the squeaky wheel), a motivational quote for you to ponder on when your mind tries to take you into a negative thought, and a humorous post to help you lighten-up. Also, you will receive health and fitness tips that help shape up your body as well as your mind – no other program offers this.

Each Guided Meditation is valued at $25.00

The Weekly Planning Video (with transcript), Daily Mantra’s & Fitness Tips are valued at $25.00

And the Mon-Fri Motivational Quotes and “Made you laugh!” are FREE!

That value, to get you on track and assist you in positive thinking, is about $7.00 a day.(read on for the special offer/opportunity)

Give Mindful 365 a shot (because you deserve and can afford it) for 1 month at only $45.00 (a $155 savings).

Think you get too many emails already? Mindful 365 is your coach in your inbox! Not junk in your inbox. Open Mindful 365 first every morning and watch all the “junk” fall away in just the first week – PROMISE.

Think you can get meditations free on YouTube? Yes you can, but how do you know the QUALITY of the language being used, if they have embedded commands, are using NLP to upsell you, plus how much time it takes to find one you actually like. Mindful 365 is a plan with direction and focus so you get results. It comes to you directly – no searching.

We stand by our program 100%! If at the end of your first month of your paid subscription you did not see an improvement in the quality of your thinking and overall well-being, we will refund your money. Remember, Mindful 365 also includes health & fitness.

Stop procrastinating now! Quit wishing and start doing – now! See immediate results in the quality of your life, this week! Keep in mind, this program can be used without added costs like driving into town for appointments, needing special workout clothes & shoes, shipping and handling fees, or a fancy blender. And, it’s calorie free!

Still worried that it might not improve your overall well-being (hmmm…the fact that you worry is another reason why you need this)? Or that you can’t afford it? (Remember the part about how you may already be wasting more than this on non-supportive things already.) Still on the fence? Afraid to commit or try something new? How about this…test the waters with a Complimentary/FREE trial. Come on, how much easier can it get? Just click below.

However, when you commit to the year – because you really want change, and you want it now…

The annual subscription is only $420.00 (just a $1.15 a day!) Seriously, do you not already waste more than a $1.15 a day on things that do not support your well-being? That is a savings of $2,180.00 WHAT! Yes, it’s true…But wait! There, of course, is more. Join us for FREE and receive special BONUS, meditations, blog posts, podcasts, and more that you can take advantage of at your own leisure. Contact Us or Sign Up below.

NOTE: We will not refund your money because you were too “busy” to use the program. That is a lame excuse that we do not support. You must let us know, in a simple email request, why the program failed you. As stated earlier, we are 100% certain that this program works! You may also purchase this as a gift.

Interested in just the audio Guided Meditations? Or the Mantras? Or the weekly Guidance videos (with transcripts)? Contact me for special pricing.

You can register for Mindful 365 today by clicking the PayPal button below. You will receive a confirmation email and a follow up with-in 24 hours, letting you know when your program begins and how to access the links. (Hint, every Sunday brings a new focus)

Mindful 365 Annual Membership – $420 billed annually:

Mindful 365 Monthly Membership – $45 billed monthly:

Try it, you’ll like it. We promise!

If you have questions about Mindful 365, feel free to book a time to chat with me: