The Team Whisperer

Successfully Lead a Cross-Generation, Race, and Gender Team

Discover how to find the oneness that gets everyone on the same page, improves retention, morale, and get stuff done.

NOTE: This book is also designed to be an online or in-person certification.


Get Happier & Healthier Now

7 Steps to Improved Health and a Body You Can Love

Are you frustrated every day with feeling sick, rundown, and unmotivated? 

It's not your fault! Within the pages of this book, you'll learn the sustainable plan for getting the results you desire and deserve without diets, exercise, or counting steps and calories!

Chocolate Cake for the Thighs

The Anti-Diet Book for Women

Just say "NO" to the yo-yo!

Gaining and losing may be healthy for the stock market, but not your body. Diets wreak havoc on your metabolism and mental health. Find the moderation that suits your life and gets you back to a body you can love that loves you back.


Wish you could benefit from meditation but believe it’s not possible for your busy mind?

It’s easy to understand how some folks can believe that statement to be true. It’s a lot like how some say, “I can’t exercise. I’m uncoordinated.” Or, “I can’t do yoga. My muscles are too tight.” It makes sense that when you believe there is only one way to accomplish something, it’s easy to feel defeated.

Yet, it’s amazing that what you need – become more relaxed, coordinated, and flexible – could be achieved, if you’d only find the right way (for you). Explore the options.

Take a deep dive into what you really desire in life and how motivated you are to achieve it.
Gain insight into your foundation with the Success Mindset Scorecard

Because the truth is in you...

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