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Custom Private Coaching

In conjunction with the International Academy of Self-knowledge and the trademarked Transformational Meditation (TfM) process: This is an intensive, life-changing program. You will be held accountable for the process for 28 straight days, with coaching, including 10 personal transformation coaching sessions, beginning with the alignment of your purpose. 

  • Resolve the issues surrounding your lack of success in maintaining a happy, healthy mind & body.  
  • Annihilate or transform the "parts" of you that do not support your greater good and best life.  
  • Create an action plan for daily living that keeps you accountable and on track.  
  • Connect with your higher power and get your greater plan so you can live your life on purpose with enthusiasm and intention.  
Take a deep dive into what you really desire in life and how motivated you are to achieve it.
Gain insight into your foundation with the Success Mindset Scorecard

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