Why Motivation is Like Caffeine

and what you can do about it…

Let’s begin with a personal question, shall we? Are you a self-improvement junkie? Do you read books, listen to podcasts, watch the TED talks, and go to the seminars, YET after it’s all said and done, you’re basically the same person?  


Or, perhaps you have improved, but still feel unfulfilled - like you are meant for something grander, more meaningful? 


If “yes” to either, the following three steps can help you understand how to flow from self-help junkie to self-aware and action oriented. 


If “no” to both, then relish in the fact that you are able to leap past that quagmire and know that this can assist you in living your life on purpose, by design. 


Now, let’s get started. It’s as easy as 1-2-3. 


First, it helps to understand that we are “wired” for security and that knowing what we could do, and should do, is enough. Knowing is not dangerous or life-threatening. Whereas, DOING can lead to all sorts of unknowns including failure, loss, financial ruin, and even death - or so we believe because that’s what others or the “headlines” tell us. DOING isn’t nearly as secure as knowing. For thousands of years, if a person left the tribe to follow some “knowing” they never returned and were assumed dead. Yet, we really did not know, it just made sense to assume that. On the other hand, perhaps they found greatness, a more loving tribe, or started something new.  


Have you ever wanted to leave your tribe/life behind and begin a quest for something more desirable? 


Take a moment right now and think about how much you ALREADY know about what you desire ... better health, relationships, mindset, and such. And, if you're feeling extra motivated about understanding how to keep your motivation flowing, get a notebook and journal it. Getting it out of your head and on paper is the first step in making this happen.  


Then, take that knowledge and make a Grand Plan for Success (your personal GPS). You ALREADY know everything you need (but keep reading :). Once you have a Grand Plan, reverse engineer it. That’s when you go from grand to 90 days, 60 days, 45, 30, and finally daily actions to make your plan happen.  

Now, this is important … be realistic in your timeline. Some Grand Plans take years - like becoming a chiropractor - whereas others can be accomplished much faster.  Ooh, Ooh, and it’s encouraged to have mini-Grand Plans in your journey. That is really a Grand Plan! 


Along these same lines, the opposite is true for all your notes from seminars, workshops, and such. Set aside 30 minutes a day for 10 straight days to seek out all those “gems” you have documented and put the ones that still resonate with you now in one notebook. Now you can begin using them to help create and reverse engineer your personal GPS. Oh, and then - this is very important - toss all those picked-over old files, journals, handouts, and notes. Clear some clutter and make room for your new experiences.  


Side Note: if you have any self-help on cassette, VHS, or DVD. Convert them to digital as part of your 10-day plan, so you can access them easily across devices. And then toss them!! Or donate them. 


Step two - Get your Grand Plan in your planner! Allow yourself some flexibility, but here is the non-negotiable - get an Accountability Partner or Coach. Your motivation will crash during those 10 days, like an energy drink in the wrong time zone if you fail to take this important support step! Make sure your partner understands what “accountability” means. You are not accountable if your partner allows excuses. Need help with this core step? Email me info@truespeak.us to git-er-duhn. One of the most powerful ways to stay in flow is to share your vision with likeminded people, who can support you, versus people who fear change, prefer to play small, and are happy with “good enough.” 


Step three - Finally, you will STOP bringing in new information, until you truly feel like you are “stuck” and/or seem to be experiencing trouble with your GPS. This is either an indication that you are ready to level up, because it’s time to learn what you are now ready to know, OR it’s time to re-evaluate your actions to see if any corrections are in order because sometimes we just don’t know exactly how to get somewhere until we are on the journey.  


Knowledge is not power, applied knowledge is power.  


Begin living what you ALREADY know. Out of everything there is to “know” out there, the information you have acquired called to you for some reason, yet you have left it dormant, forgotten, or unapplied, because of some unfounded personal fear. Or perhaps, you kind of half-ass gave it a shot, so you could say “I tried that but...blah, bah, blah.” Isn’t it interesting how we will knowingly keep doing things that do not support our greater good - forever - yet we’ll try something “good for us” just a few times before giving up, so we can say we tried


The only exception to this final step would be if you truly felt “called” to something via intuition or a gut feeling. When you understand that as long as you keep seeking motivation from others (externally) and don’t put the pedal to the metal for yourself, you will continue to live the motivational rollercoaster. 



Also, understand that in order for this to not be another motivational fix, take a moment right now - this very moment - no excuses, and close your eyes (after reading the instructions) sit tall and begin breathing bigger, deeper, longer, and slower than normal. Take about 3-5 rounds of this deep inhale - expanding your lungs, belly, and ribcage, followed by a slow intentional exhalation that allows you to really let go. Okay, 3-5 rounds, then open your eyes and finish the exercise. 


Now, notice how you feel and connect to that peace - without judgement about how you think you should feel. If you got a Grand Vision (Grand Visions are intuitive), jot it down. If not, do this again later in a more relaxed environment. And listen for your true voice, not the chatty ego. Be patient if it takes a few times. Stay with it until you get from trying to doing. Then, you can initiate the Grand Plan, the steps, the 10-days and accountability. 


If for any reason/excuse, you fall out of this process - start over with the breaths and get clear again on your Grand Plan. The Vision may lead to some tweaking in your timeline.  


Allow your desire to keep you in flow – every day. Then, adapt your action steps when necessary and work them. If you are not doing something every day (at least 1 action) that supports your Grand Plan and Vision, start over so you can see if you really desire this plan. If “YES” you are doing something every day, but still not progressing the way you feel you should be, then tell whomever (subconsciously) that is sabotaging you to “STOP IT and GET LOST,” because everyone is either on board or off, without exception.  


Claim your power now… 



Step 1 - Get the inspired Gran Plan/Vision with the timeline.  

Step 2 - Get it in your planner and find an accountability partner/coach. 

Step 3 - Stop distracting yourself with more information and excuses. 

Bonus: Slow down and relax with your breaths as often as possible – daily. 


Allow yourself to feel the flow of living your truth on a daily basis, with focus and passion. Breathe into the peace and joy of who you are and why you are here ... and if you can’t cold turkey the motivational stuff, subscribe to the “All Things Happy & Healthy” Truespeak YouTube channel featuring Ell Graniel!  


I wish you well in your quest! 


Your benevolent coach and future Accountability Partner  

Ell Graniel 


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