The Truth is in You

The Truth is in You

[twitter_buttons display=hashtag,]RED HOT offer…if you are a Red Light client at the Koko Marina location, you also receive FREE guided meditations at the salon. It’s true! Just give them your name and ask for the ipod to enjoy your session and double your benefits.

Register now for Mindful 365 and receive your first month for only $36.00 (reg $45) !!!

FREE Guided Meditations on the Ell Graniel YouTube channel – and when you subscribe you will be notified when a new one comes online.

Remember, you are only 3 (deep and meaningful) breaths away from an attitude adjustment.


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  1. Ell Graniel says:

    Aloha, please allow this statement to permeate your thoughts, and then comment or check out the other pages for more support and info.

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