Heal Your Heart

Heal Your Heart

The Final Step in Grief Relief

Do you still have grief in your heart for a loved one who has passed?

Do you have unresolved issues about the passing?

Do you have unanswered questions or the need for a better good-bye?

If so, Heal Your Heart™ will help…

In order to be healed and whole again, it is necessary to connect with the one who has passed so you can get resolution and move on with your life. In your healing session you will be facilitated into a meditation where you can connect and directly speak to the person with whom you need closure. This is not a Psychic experience and no medium will be used. You will be the one talking to and getting answers from the one who has passed.

Time does not matter. You can speak to anyone who has passed at anytime. You will get the answers you need and resolution to heal your heart now and forever – or your session is free.

Heal Your Heart™ is not possible for everyone, that’s why your consultation session is free. Your questions will be answered and a quick evaluation will take place to see if you are able to be successful in this method. If you are able to move forward with the Heal Your Heart™ method, your first session will be paid by a value donation. That means you will pay whatever you believe the value of the session is to you. Additional sessions are $125.00 per session

To begin – call 808-724-7814 or email to 2truespeak@gmail.com (Hawaiian Standard Time)

Heal Your Heart™ is a Truespeak™ presentation – Learn more about your facilitator at www.Truespeak.us (About Us)