28-Day Transformational Coaching

The 28-day Mastery of “self” Intensive Coaching is our premier course for empowering you to elevate yourself to the heights of achievement, success, and fulfillment of which you’ve dreamed.

Design your life, establish your mission and set clear and measurable goals; then learn the tools and skills to claim your goals – within 28 days. Using your Higher Power as your guide, you’ll learn the skills necessary to consistently break through barriers that are holding you back in life. By establishing new, powerful beliefs and habits, you experience permanent changes necessary to create an extraordinary life.

You’ll eliminate uncertainty, moving forward with confidence, and resolve. With newly developed awareness and clarity, recognize the old beliefs that have held you back and develop empowering beliefs that inspire your actions, and create an extraordinary life.

Daily sessions with your Transformational Coach will include facilitated Transformational Meditation(TfM), the main technology that we teach to resolve and remove any limiting belief. This course provides you with ongoing support and accountability during the integration and implementation process to ensure your success.

Take a quantum leap in your personal growth, career direction, spiritual awakening and literally pole vault yourself to the next step in manifesting your Mastery!

Here’s a sample of what the course includes:

  • Design your life and create a inspired personal mission statement
  • Create and implement your personal action plan
  • Realize dramatic changes is less than two weeks
  • Over the 28 days, your past blocks will become clear; learn new skills to navigate through them, while daily practice and coaching anchors in your new skills
  • Create new empowered awareness and clarity
  • Eliminate old, destructive beliefs and create beliefs that drive you forward with inspiration and enthusiasm
  • Eliminate uncertainty; move forward with confidence, certainty and resolve
  • Access and strengthen your intuition and be a powerful decision maker
  • Access your Higher Truth and experience Freedom and Guidance – at will
  • Improve your personal and professional relationships
  • Benefit from the insights and support of the group environment

By expanding your work achievements, watch your quality of life soar to the next level.

Each week you will focus on a theme that is put into practice by developing and using a daily skill. These include:

  1. SELF-EFFORT: These skills create clarity of purpose and the self-discipline to move into action consistently.
  2. SELF-OBSERVATION: These skills assist you to be aware of your focus and how to shift it to what you want.
  3. REAL-SELF CENTERED: These skills assist you to release the parts of you that do not think, feel and act from your Real Self.
  4. SPIRITUAL CONNECTION: Daily skills enable you to BECOME and to ACT FROM your Real Self and to deepen your Spiritual Connection.

Each day you will focus on the mastery of a skill by applying it and using Transformational Meditation (TfM) to remove any blocks that come up. Each week there is a theme supported by seven daily skills that expand your ability to master the weekly theme. The purpose of the daily skill is not to “understand” it, but to BE it and to USE it masterfully in the “laboratory of life.” To master these skills is to master life.

As part of the complete 28-day program you’ll receive:

  • Daily personal phone sessions (approximately 30 minutes, but sometimes as long as an hour). Covers daily concept and includes Transformational Meditation (TfM) when needed to work through obstacles that arise as you move ahead.
  • Weekly 90 minuet conference call with a Master Mind group.
  • Set of 28 MP3 audio meditations to accompany the daily skills. Workbook designed to IMPLEMENT the weekly themes, daily skills, goals, and mission.

Set of flashcards that reinforce the continued use of the 28 skills.

You can experience the first 6-days in paradise (Honolulu, HI) with your facilitator, Ell Graniel in person, then complete the intensive at home.

28Day Personal Transformation Intensive in Hawaii $4,495 ($1,000 non-refundable deposit due upon registration. $3,495 due on Day 1)

or Experience the entire 28-days in the privacy of your own environment…

28Day Personal Transformation Course (over the phone, skype, Zoom, or FaceTime) $2,495

*Kama`aina discount $495.00 with Hawaii zip code verification.

To find out more and enroll in the 28-Day Personal Transformation Course, feel free to book a time to chat with me: